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To the North of Adamclisi , is "the Triumphal Monument” (Tropaeum Traian).
Built between 106-109 in honour of Emperor Trajan, this memorial is an authentic source of information on Rumanian ancient history.

It was 39 meters high and had a circular form (diameter of 38 meters). Constituted of a cylindrical core of appreciable size (12,6 m in height; 31 m in
diameter), it is built with rough masonry and surrounding the base a circular platform with 7 stone steps. The core was covered with stone blocks followed by a line of 54 metopes (49 present today), carved in low-relief with scenes of the fight with Geto-Dacians.

Above the metopes was a frieze with 26 crenels (23 today) sculpted in low-relief and forming the crown of the circular core.

At the top of the core is a roof in the shape of a truncated cone covered with stone scales. In addition to this there is a 6 meter high hexagonal base which supports the "trophy" itself: a bust in traditional armour with weapons .Next to the memorial is the Mausoleum built in memory of a senior roman officer.To the East, is an altar, built by emperor Trajan in memory of the soldiers who died in battle. The altar has a rectangular form.

To the North-West of the commune of Adamclisi, lies a group of Roman remains : The City Tropaeum Traiani considered to be the largest Roman civilian habitation on the territory of Dobroudja and was built at the same time as the Memorial. The city was inhabited by the families of the veterans who took part in the Trajan’s wars against the Daces. Destroyed by Goths, it is finally entirely abandoned in 587 AD following the destructive attacks of the Avares.

A stone chronicle depicting
a great battle