Sites of Interest near Merida

The location of Merida in the centre of the Autonomous community of Estremadura makes it is possible to discover towns such as Cáceres or Guadalupe, a certain number of them listed in the Heritage of Humanity and others having an old medieval town, for example Trujillo.

Cáceres. The“Golfines de Abajo”Palace. 16th century.
Trujillo. Castle and fortress.
Badajoz. Alcazaba.
Badajoz. Cathedral.
Badajoz. The Palmas Door.
Badajoz. The Estremenian and Latin-American museum of Contemporary Art..

A few kilometres from Merida, there are a number of large natural areas such as the Cornalvo nature reserve or monuments like the Lácara Dolmen which is situated between Aljucén and La Nava de Santiago.
Roman baths. In Alange one can see the Roman baths, whose water possesses renowned healing qualities. The roman pools are still used today.
Visigoth basilica.

Around the village of Alcuescar, one can visit the Visigoth basilica of Santa Lucia del Trampal. Roman ashlar and funeral altar stones were reused for its construction .