RESIDE, The Network of Sites for development

The Roman Circuit

The project relates primarily to archaeological sites as vectors of long term local development.
The sites that have been considering this joint cooperation include : Arles (France), Mertola (Portugal), Constanza (Romania), Merida (Spain), Sbeïtla (Tunisia).
The objectives of this program consist of :

• The definition of a concerted strategy, uniform across the four sites, of production and commercialisation of cultural products, handicrafts and tours which develop the ancient heritage with a view of improving the economy;

The organisation of the tourism activity allowing the heritage sites and the local area to increase their auto-financing capacity;
Project RESIDE has been financed by the European Commission under the ECOS-OUVERTURE program.
The setting up of a quality assurance plan between the cultural heritage professionals, craftsmen, archaeological site managers and the tour operators;

The drawing up of a development plan and an economic development policy aiming at maintaining or even creating new jobs and opening an access to international cultural and heritage tourism markets;

The constitution of a European network composed of representatives of public bodies, private operators, tourism and cultural heritage professionals. This project has been placed in a financing program of European Union ECOS-COUVERTURE. The project was launched in the summer of 2000 with a provisional duration of 36 months;